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It is well-known that India is a land of diversity, and in India, if you have to find a place that can define its diversity as precisely as possible, it is the smallest state of Goa which is just 3,702km big, and even if it is too big for you, no worries, just 76.3km big Panjim is enough to learn a lot about India well.

Goa is the tiniest state in India but still one of the most important. This state has many different ethnic people coming in for centuries and centuries. This beautiful state has been ruled by the Gurjaras, the Kannadas, the Mughals, but it was the Portuguese that made this state one of the most beautiful things to have ever happened to the planet.

Many self-proclaimed historians have been busy publishing in-evident and baseless rumors that the Portuguese rule faced a fierce competition by the British, Dutch and the French. While they faced a very tough competition by the Dutch and the French, the Portuguese were protected by the British instead. It was the protection by the British only that made them survive here.

All-in-all, we would like to welcome to the capital of the greatest state of India (in our opinion) with our hot and happening ladies, let them show you this beautiful state and lots more.

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Most gentlemen, especially the ones from North Indian cities have a misconception that MILF/Housewife/Mature escorts come cheap. That’s not true at all. We have a notable former model that provides incall service at the Bay 15 , Cabanas by the Way at Odxel Beach, Dona Paula; she worked for one of the top automobile makes in the 1990s who charges much more than what she would in the 90s. She is really growing old beautifully; she is worth seeing at least once, just visit her once and you will never get enough of her. 

Some of our Panaji MILF Escorts are divorcees, some have wedding weeks away, some are never getting married again, there is no way that any of them coming under any of the three categories is leaving her escorting profession ever.